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How to install Google Play on Kindle Fire

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As a custom Android tablet, Kindle Fire doesn't have Google Play but Amazon Store instead. Although we can get thousands of e-books in the Amazon Store, the lack of apps makes this built-in store very awkward. So can we install Google Play on the Kindle Fire? Generally speaking, this is impossible as Amazon has made some restriction on Kindle Fire that if you just simply install the Google Play APK file, it may not run successfully.

But things will change if you root your Kindle Fire! In this article I'll tell you how to install Google Play on a rooted kindle Fire perfectly. It's easy and simple. You don't have to master any professional skills or tools, just do as the tutorial says. Now, let's get started!

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Remember, your Kindle Fire must be rooted! For rooting tutorial, please refer to this article: How to root Kindle Fire.

Step 1: Get and install some necessary apps

Download the APK files below and transfer them to your Kindle Fire. I suggest you put these files in a folder together so that you can manage them easily.

1. Google Service Framework
2. Google Login Service
3. Google Play Service
4. Vending
5. Google Play Store
6. ADWLauncher EX

install google play on kindle fire-necessary apps

The first three APK files are necessary for running Google Play. Install them with ES File Explorer. You may not find them in the "Apps" list. This is normal.

PS: You don't need to do anything about Vending and Google Play Store at this step.

Step 2: Install Vending.apk to your system

Open ES File Explorer, choose "Fast Access" – "Tools" – "Root Explorer" – "Mount R/W", set "Path /" and "/system" to "RW".

install google play on kindle fire-set root explorer

install google play on kindle fire-mout permission

install google play on kindle fire-set system permission

Now you've get the permission to write data to system.

Find the Vending.apk file, press and hold to make it selected. Tap "Copy" and paste it at path: /system/app. Then tap the Vending.apk to install it on your Kindle Fire.

install google play on kindle fire-copy vending

install google play on kindle fire-paste and install vending

Step 3: Install Google Play Store

Back to where you put the Google Play Store. Tap and install it. You may see a window like this:

install google play on kindle fire-install google play

Choose "OK" to continue installing. After this, you need to reboot your Kindle Fire.

Step 4: Install ADWLauncher EX

You may not find Google Play in the Apps. This condition appears on some Kindle Fire, but not every. Actually the Google Play has installed successfully on your device but the original Amazon Launcher doesn't recognize it. In order to solve this problem, you need to install a new launcher. Now just tap and install the ADWLauncher EX I provide in step 1.

Tap the home button, you can see that the Kindle Fire doesn't turn to home page and a window pop up like this:

install google play on kindle fire-set adw launcher

Check "Use by default for this action" and select "ADWLauncher EX". Then you'll find your home page is totally changed and Google Play is the app list!

install google play on kindle fire-new home page

install google play on kindle fire-apps list

install google play on kindle fire-run google play

Now just open Google Play and enjoy thousands of apps!

PS: If you want to use the original Amazon Launcher, just call out the quick setting menu, choose "More" – "Applications" – "Filter by: Third Party Applications". Select "ADWLanucher EX" and choose "Clear Data". Then the home page will turn back to the original Amazon style.

install google play on kindle fire-turn back to original lauancher

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10/18/2013 21:37:06
Step #2 doesn't seem to work ... I've tried all sorts of everything that I can think of.  I can find the folder, I can open root menu and it says "Sorry, test failed. This feature cannot run on your device" ... I was hoping since your post was written 9/27/13 that it would be applicable to the 2nd gen Kindle fire hd 7 ... but it doesn't seem to be.  The link to root it takes me to 2012 information, which is for the 1st generation.  Any other thoughts/help/where to look?
10/21/2013 02:02:14
Hi Kathleen,
As far as I know, the root toolkit for 2nd gen Kindle Fire HD is still on the way. We have to wait.
02/2/2015 20:45:22
I just got an HDX 7 and I have the same problem. No access to the root. Guess this doesn't work at all from what I've read here.
11/2/2013 13:14:03
does this work on kindle fire HD i just finished rooting my kindle and I have downloaded all the apks i wondering if it will work on the newer kindle fire
11/17/2013 13:17:22
it says google store stoped working and the launcher didnt install
11/25/2013 06:13:36
salut, j'ai un soucis ma tablette est deja roote et le google, play store ne s'ouvre pas par contre vending apk fonctionne pouvez vous m'aider , merci beaucoup.
12/13/2013 00:09:29
I did the steps and it wont let me turn on root explorer what's wrong
01/4/2014 15:58:12
trying to install google play
Have followed your guide, and have google play store showing on my kindle style apps.
I have tried installing adw launcher x, but all I get is 2 options:
"Package Installer" & "Verify & Install"
there is a check box to "set as the default app".
I have selected Package installer, and as default app.
There are now 2 screens, and all apps are showing, including "Play Store" (which is showing as a carrier bag).
However, when I click on this, it won't open, just flickers and comes back to a slightly different screen.
What am I doing wrong please?
02/9/2014 16:49:58
ES file explorer says that root explorer doesn't work on my device. What do I do?
03/28/2014 13:29:40
I have a lot of problems. For me these trick doesn't work.
[email protected]
03/28/2014 13:34:40

Hi there is a tutorial for root the device?

[email protected]

05/25/2014 02:42:01
I've followed all the steps and playstore is showing in my apps list. All good so far, but it won't let me log into my Google account "can't establish a reliable connection to the server".  Wifi is all good and tested with Silk all ok.  Have those sneaky people at Amazon introduced a new hurdle to prevent logging in maybe?
05/25/2014 02:59:43
To log into Google you also need to download the LogIn Service Pack, I can't paste the link into this chat box but Google it and all will be good.
Everything working fantastic now (but next time i won't buy an Amazon product)
Thanks heaps Johnny
06/9/2014 19:11:04
What is the reason
06/21/2014 09:45:41
I have the HDX 8.9'. I opened Google Play & signed in to it but after i signed in, whenever i try to open Google Play it immediatly closes.
07/30/2016 10:10:56
Same does any one have a solution
07/30/2016 10:16:40
Is there by any chance an updated version
07/13/2014 09:17:54
Intresting network I like it.
10/1/2014 18:40:05
Does this work on the HDX?
10/26/2014 17:21:29
It does install on HDX but keeps thinking my K is a phone and is trying to login that way.
10/29/2014 09:47:24
google play store says force close and tried reinstalling again and again, anyone have solutions here? I followed the instructions to a T and still nothing
11/9/2014 00:05:43
I have downloaded all of the apks and also installed each one the proper way on my first generation Kindle Fire Got everything working properly but when i open the Google Play it tells me that the connection is not working and to Retry it wont let me go further than this what have i done wrong? Please help desperately wanting to figure this out.
11/17/2014 18:57:12
Maybe your ISP is stopping you from connecting Google?
11/20/2014 08:46:55
Does this work on the newest update to the HDX?
11/21/2014 19:20:29
I'm afraid not.
11/26/2014 15:45:17
Worked like a charm, thanks very much!
11/27/2014 14:12:38

Thanks for this guide. I used these steps on Unlocked $199 Fire Phone which Amazon purged starting yesterday to clear their unsold inventory.

I was able to get Google play (version matching Jelly bean) and also download all the Google play apps..

11/27/2014 14:18:21
friend, I follow the steps as such in the fire phone?
11/27/2014 18:23:55
According to Aztecwarrior25's comment, this method works for fire phone.
11/27/2014 19:43:56
How do I root an Amazon Fire Phone? Which steps do I follow?
11/28/2014 18:33:06


You can read this article to learn how to root Kindle Fire:

11/30/2014 17:00:25

Aztecwarrior25, did you follow the steps in this article exactly, using the .apks that were linked in the article?

I just tried to and it didn't work for me, so wanted to check to see if you did something differently than I did.

12/1/2014 15:58:28
It didn't work for my Fire phone.
11/30/2014 20:38:02

Can you please tell if you were able to install Soft Card App(NFC based payment app) on Fire phone?
I am thinking of buying the fire phone if the soft card app. is going to work on it.


12/3/2014 15:09:33

I saw your post on xda, but this guide is for rooted device and you wrote this can be done without rooting. It's not clear to me that how you implemented all the step here for unrooted fire.

"Enable Non Amazon app installation from Settings -> Applications"-> is this enough? Because that's the only difference.

12/2/2014 22:35:22
thank you very much.
Its working.
12/7/2014 09:08:45
Thank you for this article.  Was able to update my Fire Phone *except* for Vending APK due to file system permissions.  Cannot seem to get Google Now launcher installed inplace of default or ADWLauncher...any suggestions?
12/9/2014 10:51:14
12/26/2014 21:27:17
This is the best aid I've gotten after searching all day for a good work around, I'm giving this post a 5/5
01/10/2015 12:15:23
I got google play on my kindle but when I go on Google play it keep saying "Google play has stop" =(
01/10/2015 13:00:45
Never mind. you used es file to get it working you need to download es file explorer =)
01/11/2015 05:37:12
Whenever I open it, it says "Cannot open, click retry or cancel to go back to the previous screen" or something, please help
03/18/2015 04:42:39

Best tut, I finally rooted my kindle and wanted to add google play, and probably later flash android on it too. Not only did this tutorial wrok for getting play on my device (Finally the real youtube app!), but now I don't have to even flash to droid because I have all the services I want, and the new launcher ROCKS! Google gave me a couple of errors... but it worked anyway.


03/20/2015 15:29:52
I can't get the ad launcher to install it keeps saying "there is a problem parsing this package"
I am rooted..
12/1/2016 09:20:02
Use your PC to transfer the files over, they're getting corrupted on download.
03/22/2015 16:59:48
can't seem to root my new kindle HDX running version 4.4.3 any help?
05/9/2015 19:32:35

BINGO!!! Worked like a charm! just followed instruction and had root permission's.

Thank You!!!!!!

05/30/2015 16:14:10
It works for me but google play won't open! Plz help!
06/6/2015 12:40:07
1 gen kindle fire. When I get tot he step "click root explorer" I get the following message:
Sorry, test failed. This feature cannot run on your device".  I see a lot of people got the same comment.  I don't see any responses to the comment.  Are you dead?
07/2/2015 17:29:51
Hey, smooth setup! It works on mine with a few glitches but that would have to do with Amazon making it so hard to do. I also got the message, "there is a problem parsing this package" I don't remember what I had done to correct that, went back and reread the directions, checked my permissions, not sure what exactly worked. Also get, Google-play has stopped working repeatedly, especially when I try to sign into any Google product. It does let me download apps though and it does open the store which is a lot.
I think I'll go and search around.
I'm happy though. I've been trying all day with all sorts of methods and none of them worked, even though I'm rooted.
I like my kindle fire 2nd gen just the way it is. Not willing to give up Amazon's set up yet. If I just wanted any android I could have bought won on eBay easily.
07/6/2015 16:23:08
I luv it thank u sooooooo it worked she I thought it wouldn't thank u solo much
07/14/2015 21:32:33
step 2 doesnt work i cant root my kindle says it is not supported on my device what do i do now none of this stuff ever works ppl say its so easy but ive tried them all i cant get any of them to work
08/15/2015 19:13:14
Rooting is now very easy!
Install ES3 file manager
Install the "1 mobile market" app
(to be found  by search in your browser on your Kindle Fire)
Launch the "1 Mobile market" app and search "iroot".
find the blue app with the anchor (it used to be in Chinese, but it is now in English)and download it (if it asks for updating it, just do it). Then install and open it and follow the obvious instructions. Your device will be rooted!
To verify you may want to search in the "1 Mobile Market" app for "root checker" and choose the Root Checker with the hash tag and the green V. Install and open it. Then click "verify" and you will see a message starting with "Congratulations". That is it.
You may want to delete the iroot and rootcheckers apps, but it is not necessary.
Good luck.
07/14/2015 21:40:23
It still doesn't work it says this feature cannot run on this device
07/31/2015 09:41:01
All went fine until the last step whn i installed ADW launcher and pressed home button . No message came . I tried again . After installing go launcher ex but same problem.
08/15/2015 18:57:12
I have a rooted Kindle Fire 7 HD 2012 D025.
I followed your instructions without any problem.
Only the result was not there: I am getting a pop-up with the text "Google Play has stopped working".
What could be wrong?
08/18/2015 07:39:05
I'm having the same issue. Any answers?
09/12/2015 21:19:26
Kjhnhhjuhj uhh j
09/12/2015 21:09:59
Thick you it works for me
09/12/2015 21:10:03
Thick you it works for me
09/14/2015 06:45:35
Will this still work with the 7.5.1 Update from Amazon?  I can't find ANYTHING about how to do it with the latest update.
09/29/2015 20:35:07
It doesn't let me install the vending app so I can't use anything
09/30/2015 18:30:54
i did these same exact steps using drop box on my lap top and my brand new unrooted kindle fire 10.1 that i just got today 9/30/2015 and i now have a fully functioning google play store!!! im not kidding!! i logged in with my username and password i downloaded free games and i even purchased some new ones just to see if it would work and it did!! everything works!!!
09/30/2015 18:50:15
i did these same exact steps on my brand new non rooted kindle fire 10.1hd that i just recieved today 9/30/2015 and it works!! i have Google play and everything works i downloaded free games, i even logged into my google account and purchased some new ones!! all i did was log into my dropbox on my laptop and i also installed it ob my new kindle fire. i downloaded them in the order that is listed from the link above and opened them directly from the dropbox. it worked. i just opened them in the order as listed above. my kindle is not rooted.. everything works no issues i cannot log into youtube but everything works
10/3/2015 05:12:53
Anyone know if it work on fire HDX7 3rd generation?
10/22/2015 09:30:51
how to root your 3rd gen. kindle version 4.5.5.pls help..cause I cant save my coc..pls...
10/24/2015 13:19:22
It says it can't connect to the google play store
10/24/2015 13:29:31
Also. The vending thing won't download.
11/14/2015 08:50:58
I rooted my kindle using kingroot app. And then i followed instructions above. Everything works. But when i open google  play.  It says "google play services has stopped" and after a minutes it says " has stopped" whatt should i do to fix this guys? Anyone help me.
12/16/2015 22:48:40
I successfully got google play services to work on my 1st generation hd7 after losing root following the November update. I downloaded all of the apps plus google play services apk "' from a link on the tube (hint:how to fix gapps error it's 3m47secs). You need that version for 1st gen. then I installed the first 3 listed here. I had to move and install the version on this site into my system/apps folder (it would not let me move the version I mentioned into that folder and kept saying out of space). then I installed the one I  mentioned but only after creating the folder "" in data/apps. but i kept getting the gapps error. so I uninstalled the 1st version from system app and reinstalled the tube version (all while wifi is 0ff and left in download folder) then I reset and when I opened clash of clans I could sign into my account and restore my game. I think the key is to restart after reinstalling and before opening apps that use it. Also I think the space error message kept coming up b/c root wasn't properly done. I unrooted and rooted a couple of times. I can't use the google store but I read somewhere that it has to stay on your kindle in order for some google apps to work so I installed the version here. I downloaded the apps I wanted from one mobile.  I skipped installing adw launcher. Also I think downloading and transferring from your computer instead of downloading directly to kindle via silk will help prevent the parce and space error. I am no genius at this I'm not guaranteeing it will work for you but somewhere along the way it worked for me. I just kept uninstalling and reinstalling until it worked. Also after installing the 1st 3 apps on this site and before installing the tube gps version I opened the market to see it worked. that can be your checkpoint to see if you're on the right path. then install the version I mentioned from the tube.I know this is likely confusing. I'm an amateur but will try to check back for questions. It's tough to find instructions for 1st gen kindle fire hd7 version 7.5.1 so wanted to throw a few crumbs to those brave enough to try and figure this out. Good luck!
12/16/2015 22:51:43
I rate this a 5 but missed it on my original post.
12/29/2015 08:01:13
I Did It Without Root :D Kindle 7TH Gen!!!  All I Did Was Install Using PC XD No Silly Root Required ;D
12/29/2015 08:10:25
Windows® XP I Used To Do Dis
01/21/2016 18:30:01
When I try to install the programs in step 2 it says (There is a problem parsing the package) what is that about and can we fix it. I do however have a gen 2.
01/31/2016 11:21:57
Installation went smoothly, when I made sure I was following the instructions;) On my Kindle Fire 1st gen it ran well at first, then a few glitches occured. Right now I am working with it to see if it's just my own limited knowledge of the app(s) causing minor problems.
Thanks for the time and effort you put into this program.
See ya,
02/8/2016 11:28:33
grasias amigo me funciono perfectamente graxias graxias un millon de graxias eres el mejor bro te ganaste un suscritor graxias
02/15/2016 02:32:09
this is the only thing that would work for my little brothers kindle. Thank you so much!
02/16/2016 17:21:55
You cannot get that version of es file explorer on the kindle fire.
12/17/2016 07:10:56
I cannot get pass the Root Explorer. It is not turned on. When I try to switch it on I get "Sorry, test failed. This feature cannot run on your device."
03/11/2016 10:51:11
Won't open apks says problem parsing package.
08/5/2016 21:54:33
This is stupid
10/26/2016 10:20:52
What precisely are we downloading the apk files to? A computer? An android device?
10/26/2016 10:20:56
What precisely are we downloading the apk files to? A computer? An android device?
11/14/2016 02:46:49
Thank you it all worked but I didn't get the promt to set adw as default launcher what do I do plz respond
12/14/2016 08:59:19
It worked but google play says it can't retrieve the information from the account
01/6/2017 07:26:53
The google Play Store DOES NOT WORK on Kindle fire HD 7.5.1.
01/10/2017 09:23:10
dang it...
01/22/2017 10:31:22
All of this worked until the last step. I never got that set as default thing but (as far as I know) everything else worked. If you need to root, try kingroot
01/31/2017 21:03:57
I'm trying to download google play that it keeps telling me to do...and I've been going in circles all day and this stinking service keeps telling me I need this and that and everything else. Pretty soon I won't be able to use anything be cause I'm loaded with all these stupid apps! This truley SUCKS!!!
03/25/2017 10:35:28
I really want to get the app google play to download amazing apps. Like or pokemon go. It would be really fun and exciting. I really really really want to get the app so bad.
04/5/2017 15:13:33
I was able to log into my google account but when I open the play store it says server error and nothing else
06/12/2017 23:18:41
I can't get past step 2. Every time I try to copy the Vending.apk into the /system/app/ path, it won't let me. Is there any way to fix this?
06/15/2017 13:45:52
You should get the permission to write data to system at first. Open ES File Explorer, choose "Fast Access" – "Tools" – "Root Explorer" – "Mount R/W", set "Path /" and "/system" to "RW".
09/16/2017 11:21:23
I am writing to make you understand of the terrific encounter my wife's child developed reading through yuor web blog. She learned a good number of issues, with the inclusion of what it is like to possess an incredible giving heart to get a number of people without difficulty know a number of multifaceted topics. You undoubtedly surpassed readers' desires. Thanks for rendering such warm and friendly, trustworthy, revealing and even easy tips about that topic to Gloria.
09/20/2017 11:56:08

We are glad to know that our guide can help you solve your problem. We will keep working hard to share more tips and tricks.

12/19/2017 00:41:43
Thanks. Followed the above instructions on how to install Google Play Services into Amazon Fire Tablet GR8 and it worked. I now have more access to apps than what the Amazon App Store has. Amazon App Store are limited to what you can download and install.
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